Out of Doors: Acts of Ecology in Albuquerque


Oct 12 - Jan 31, 2020

6500 Coors Boulevard
Albuquerque, NM 87100 Map

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The Inaugural Exhibition Hosted by Art Park 21

“Out of Doors: Acts of Ecology in Albuquerque”

WHAT: Opening Reception for the Inaugural Exhibition of Art Park 21, a Collection of 21st Century Eco Art Installations

WHEN: Opening reception is May 11 from 2pm-4pm.

The exhibition runs from May-October 2019


The vision of Art Park 21 (AP21) is for an innovative 21st century art park located in New Mexico. The park will feature eco-art installations that take 21st century views of our relationship with our ecosphere. The inaugural exhibition of the project is “Out of Doors: Acts of Ecology in Albuquerque.” The artworks are located in several different locations within Albuquerque’s Major Public Open Space areas including the Open Space Visitor Center, Los Poblanos Fields, and the Pueblo Montano picnic area. The opening reception for the exhibit is taking place at the beautiful Open Space Visitor Center, a 55 acre facility that is the “hub of art and ecology” in Albuquerque.

With an overarching theme of eco-centrism, the artwork of Art Park 21 includes atmospheric elements such as wind, rain, sunlight, and humidity; plant life; recycled and repurposed elements; and concepts that explore the interface between three dimensional art and architecture. The conceptual bases of several of the works include reference to the fields of engineering, science, and environmental research. “Out of Doors: Acts of Ecology in Albuquerque” artists and artworks include:

Open Space Visitor Center (OSVC):

• Joshua Willis-Archbarrow
• John Davis-Leaf, Stone and Wind and Cairn Trough
• Nina Dubois, Ellen Babcock and Billy Joe Miller- Memorials to the Genii Loci: Middle Rio Grande Basin
• Matthew Chase-Daniel- Corn Pole
• Stephanie Lerma-Pods
• Laura C Carlson-We are All Lichen: Towards a Resurgent Symbiosis

Los Poblanos Fields Open Space:

• Katya Crawford, Jay Rice and Faith Gelvin-Pipe Dreams

Pueblo Montano Picnic Area:

• Lance Ryan McGoldrick-More Clouds to Come