Blink 182 & Lil Wayne


Sep 4, 2019 – 7:00 PM

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  • Lil Wayne
  • Blink-182

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Lil Wayne: He’s a four-time Grammy winner, with sales of over ten million to his name – a name which, in the past, has been tied to more than its fair share of controversy. However, what cannot be contested is the sheer musical genius of this rap superstar. Eventful is where you'll find all the latest on Lil Wayne tour dates and concerts 2011.

Michael Dewayne Carter, Jr. aka Lil Wayne, came from humble beginnings - born and raised in the infamous Hollygrove neighborhood of New Orleans. He began his career at the tender age of 12, when his indisputable talent was spotted by Cash Money Co-CEO, Bryan ‘Birdman’ Williams. With a sneaky suspicion that one day Lil Wayne tour dates might become a major hot ticket item, Williams took charge of the young rapper, guiding him as he embarked on the road to stardom.

Lil Wayne made his first real foray into the game in 1993, as part of a duo which later in 1997 became a four-piece. As the ‘Hot Boys’, the group sold over half a million records. With a solid base understanding of the workings of the industry, Lil Wayne released his debut album as a solo artist in 1999. It went on to sell over two million copies, the huge demand for Lil Wayne tour dates right across the county equally reflective of the artist’s mass appeal.

While his star had been on the rise for some years prior to 2008, this was when Lil Wayne secured his spot amongst the music elite with the release of his album, Tha Carter III. The record sold one million copies in its first week alone, and earned Lil Wayne eight Grammy nominations, four of which he won. His signature imagery, wit and rhyming patterns have resulted in Lil Wayne tour dates becoming some of the most anticipated events on the rap music calendar.

As buzz about the rapper continues to grow, each new Lil Wayne concert schedule brings with it more tour dates and bigger venues, taking the rapper from coast to coast, north to south and right across the globe. Indeed, it seems fitting that the Lil Wayne concert schedule is as busy as his music is diverse; over the years, he has collaborated and performed with the likes of Usher, Akon, Destiny’s Child, Kanye West, Jay-Z and Eminem.

With the most recent Lil Wayne concert schedule currently rolling out, fans of the rapper will want to stay informed on if and when he’s coming to a venue near you. Don’t miss out– make Eventful YOUR source for all the latest news and up-to-date information on Lil Wayne tour dates 2011 and beyond.

Blink-182: Getting kicked out of high school for showing up drunk to a basketball game can yield only disastrous results; unless you're in Blink-182. The group has become one of (if not the most) popular pop punk bands ever, due to their upbeat songs with irreverent lyrics and extremely energetic tour dates. In a career that's spanned almost twenty years, Blink-182 has managed to shock and excite rock and punk fans of all ages with their albums and concert dates. Despite a semi-absence for the past few years, Blink-182 is back with a new lineup.

Blink-182 (which was Blink at this early date) was started in San Diego, CA in 1992 by Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, and Scott Raynor, who all went to Poway High School together. Blink-182's third demo, Buddha, helped them score a show at SOMA, one of San Diego's only all-ages venues. Their humorous concert dates gained them a small following and their first full-length album, Cheshire Cat, in 1994. The band's first big break came with the release of their second album, Dude Ranch, in 1997. The album's single "Dammit" became a huge success and prompted the band to head out on multiple tour dates in '97 and '98. It was during one of these US concert dates that drummer Scott Raynor was asked to leave the band. Hoppus and DeLonge asked The Aquabats drummer Travis Barker to fill in and he was soon hired full-time.

Immediately after welcoming Barker to the band, Blink-182 set to work on their third album, which would launch them all into stardom: Enema of the State. The album featured hit singles "What's My Age Again?", "All the Small Things", and "Adam's Song". The record was followed up in 2001 with Take Off Your Pants and Jacket, the success of which proved that Blink-182 was here to stay. Hit singles included "The Rock Show" and "First Date" with the album eventually going double platinum in the US. Due to DeLonge's back problems, the band took a short break, but regrouped in late 2002 and began working on their self-titled fifth album.

Critics and fans alike praised the newest album as an evolution of the band's sound and a maturing of the band. However, behind the scenes tensions were running high as DeLonge expressed interest in canceling the album's promotional concert dates. After a heated discussion, the concert tour was canceled and the band went on hiatus, which soon led to DeLonge leaving the band permanently. It wasn't until Travis Barker was nearly killed in a plane crash in 2008 that the three bandmates reunited, both as a band and as friends. The announcement of their reunion came at the 2009 Grammy Awards, along with the news that a sixth Blink-182 album was to be released in the summer of 2011.

However, Tom DeLonge's commitment to reigniting the band was short lived, and Hoppus and Barker decided to move on without him. DeLonge was replaced in 2015 by Alkaline Trio guitarist Matt Skiba. Skiba's first album with the band, California, is their first record in five years.