Cosmic Sound Meditation


Jul 19, 2019 – 5:30 PM

(on various days)

3101 Walnut St
Denver, CO 80205 Map

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Join us for a Multi-Dimensional Sound Immersion. Experience deep insight and relaxation in sacred space permeated with light infused crystalline sound. Every element of our being is made up of vibrations and frequencies. The sounds created with intention directly interact with our vibrational waves. Being present in this conducive space allows for distress in all forms to unwind from our emotional, mental, physical and energetic bodies. Re-configuring the discordant elements within these expressions of ourselves allows for communication between our internal and external Eco-systems in a more coherent manner. This means that our overall inter-connectivity is greatly enhanced in this process which leads to feelings of security, inner stillness, clarity and so much more. As with all meditation practices, you get out of this what you are willing to put in. Intention is everything and the intention to simply allow yourself to simply BE with the sounds will often times lead to the grandest of realizations and changes within. We will begin with a simple relaxation technique, then we will move into the sound meditation. The sounds being offered in this space interwoven with light frequencies of galactic, cosmic and universal expression. These sounds imbued with cosmic essence interact with our light bodies in a profound way which opens all aspects of ourselves to new and limitless potentials. This meditation includes 7 crystal singing bowls, a Sedna planetary gong, chimes, a crystal singing pyramid, a Moyo drum, a crystal singing pyramid and more. As we allow the sounds to guide our entirety into a coherent restful state of being, we are simultaneously creating space to allow awareness, compassion and gratitude to flow freely. As we slip out of our analytical mental mind, we are able to connect with profound aspects of ourselves and achieve integration and clarity on a deeper level. Please arrive with enough time to make yourself comfortable, we begin at 5:30Blankets, mats and bolsters are available at the venue! *tickets are 25$ at the door or via the link provided here  Tickets through Eventbrite have additional fees