Down the Rabbit Hole Free 2 Hour Dream Workshop


Sep 16, 2017 – 10:00 AM

(on various days)

3035 West 25th Avenue
Denver, CO 80211 Map

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Our dreams take us directly down the rabbit hole to our subconscious mind, where the soul communicates freely. For many, dreams are interesting at best, confusing or frightening at worst. Join us to learn the language of the soul, as represented in the dream world, and begin to uncover your own natural technology. When appropriately interpreted, dreams are like the google for our life path. All the information we need is presented to us while we sleep. Did you know that many of the world's well-known scientists, mystics and leaders relied on their dreams to guide them to the next right action? For example, something I shared at the first workshop, Albert Einstein had a dream about the essence of the speed of light as a teenager. We would probably call that a lucid dream these days. The point is, he was given divine knowledge from his subconscious to birth into the world, and it's hard to deny how he changed our reality. Wouldn't you like to discover your own inner Einstein? There are also countless accounts of indigenous people looking to the dream for healing of what has been referred to as "Trauma Spirits". We carry this in us, sometimes personally, and definitely as a collective. It is also said that when any one of us finds a breakthrough in healing - we pass that healing on 7 generations before we were born, and 7 generations after. When we heal ourselves on this level, we open to a deeper and more impactful soul expression in the world. Come out and see what your dreams can do for you! This is a free workshop with a suggested donation of $15 - $25.  :All proceeds go directly to People House, a non-profit agency providing affordable community counseling in Denver.