Fundamentals of Data Analysis for Government - Midwest


Apr 4, 2018 – 9:00 AM

Denver, Colorado, United States
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This is a survey course for government employees to spend 2 days learning and practicing the fundamentals of data analysis for the public sector. The training session will culminate with the presentation of small group capstone projects. Sign up for the free online companion course. This content serves as a pre-requisite for the in-person training workshop. Scholarships are available for select prospective participants. If you'd like more information to determine whether this course is a good fit for you, check out our Frequently Asked Questions page. Previous capstone project topics: What are the highest impact ways to decrease overuse of ambulance rides to urgent care facilities? What is the relationship between crime and property value in gentrifying neighborhoods? How much would it cost for Metro Nashville to bid for the Amazon HQ2 RFP? What is the relationship between traffic congestion and rising population in a city? Topics covered include: Data Analysis Examples in Government Framing a Data Analysis Problem Data Types & Databases Descriptive Statistics for Data Analysis Visualizations and Communication Tools and Technologies for Data Analysis Leveraging Open Data Course outcomes include: Improved capabilities to use data in day-to-day activities Completed capstone project focused on data analysis Eligibility to earn "Certification in Fundamentals of Data Analysis for Government" from Socrata ~20 hours of online learning and in-person, guided practice time Connections with fellow practitioners and students