LEE's Liberatory Leadership Series: Colorado


Mar 14, 2018 – 5:30 PM

2401 Welton Street
Denver, CO 80205 Map

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Teach For America 2nd year corps members and alum are invited to partake in Leadership for Educational Equity (LEE)'s first-ever Liberatory Consciousness Series, led by Director of Regional Impact for Colorado, Jennifer Bacon. This cohort experience will consist of FIVE trainings and local explorations that aim to build a community of aspiring and emerging public leaders for Colorado that want to lead with liberation in mind. This means that these community members will: develop a strong idea for what a Colorado working toward liberation would look like, feel like, and sound like, given its sociopolitical history and demographics be able to analyze concrete policies, practices, and structures for their ability to lead toward or away from that vision for liberation -- and therefore be able to identify specific and current barriers to moving forward with a liberatory agenda identify strategic methods and relationships to influence and intervene upon those policies, practices, and structures based on that analysis hone their understanding of their unique role in supporting this effort of influencing and intervening (upon policies, practices, and structures), given their strengths, interests, roots, and identities anticipate the unique challenges they may face given their strengths, interests, roots, and identities identify and share concrete next steps they will take to apply their takeaways from the cohort and act on their commitment to liberation These trainings build on each other, meaning that cohort members should expect to attend ALL FIVE trainings and experiences, with very limited extenuating circumstances impeding their participation. The five trainings and experiences will take place on the following dates: Wednesday, 3/14 - evening Wednesday, 4/4 - evening Saturday, 4/21 - daytime Wednesday, 5/2 - evening Saturday, 5/19 - daytime Register now to be part of this one-of-a-kind opportunity! Deadline to sign up is March 12th.