National Summit for Mental Health and Mental Fitness


Jul 23, 2019 – 8:30 AM

1600 City Park Esplanade
Denver, CO 80206 Map

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The 2019 National Summit for Mental Health & Mental Fitness brings together great minds, new strategies and new ideas to see what amazing things we can do together.  A joining of forces where we can all bring our voices and our reach to create some real synergy as we stand with and build on the efforts of so many integrative innovators.  How do we do it better together with our collective effort?  What can we do that hasn't been done?   The two-day summit will bring together top policymakers, leaders in education, business, healthcare, law enforcement, veteran affairs, prison reform, media, parents and students.  You are invited to make your contribution toward building a more integrated and holistic mental health model! 2019 Summit Goals + Open the Crucial Dialogue about Mental Health in Our Society Today+ Address Individual Needs & Institutional Changes for Mental Health + Shape & Foster a Broader Understanding of Mental Wellbeing + Offer an Integrated Approach to Wellbeing & Create a Culture of Peace + Remove the Stigma Around Mental Health Issues + Empower & Equip Individuals to Support Mental Health in their Communities + Present Practical & Tactical Solutions for Integrated Care + Provide a Road Map for those Determined to Make a Difference  Our Speakers See the full list of speakers here: Summit agenda is here: The Summit will culminate in a peaceful meditation on July 24th in Denver City Park to bring mental peace to every individual, to our families and our society.  America Meditates will raise awareness and inspire the public to stand together for better mental health and well being.  For details click here: