Shattered to Shining: the Experience


Oct 11, 2017 – 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM

1202 North 3rd Street
Phoenix, AZ 85004 Map

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Millions of people consider themselves a victim because trauma has seemingly SHATTERED their life. In this event Mozelle will be your gentle drill sergeant, and your feminine tomboy.... she will powerfully challenge your outdated beliefs, toxic mindsets, and self-sabotaging behaviors.

You may not be aware that she has more skills than just forensic handwriting analysis and this event is NOT about handwriting. If you are unsure of her background, please Meet Mozelle.

During this Experience, Mozelle will combine her street smarts and personal healing journey with her 30 years in forensics and mental health to help you self-identify the areas that are robbing you of your happiness, sabotaging your relationships, and breaking down your hopes & dreams.

YOU ARE INVITED to SHARE what is currently troubling you and be open-minded to the tips and tricks Mozelle may share that will help you reverse the "damage" that your subconscious has caused in the interest of "protecting" you.

Mozelle offers an interactive experience to help prepare, inspire, and motivate you to apply the lessons, tips, practical tricks, and powerful tools to reverse it all. These are all things you can continue to do in the comfort of your home.

Remember - your results are equivalent to what you put into the achievement of your goals. If your goal is to have the life you KNOW you can have and you have not taken any ACTION steps, then why YOU ARE INVITED to start here.

CONSIDER THIS EXPERIENCE like spending a transformational evening with a mix of Tony Robbins and Mel Robbins. Mozelle will bridge psychology, forensics, and spirituality to HELP YOU go from "SHATTERED to SHINING".


For this event only, there is NO cost because it will be videotaped and many photos will be taken. However, if you are inspired and intuitively led to give a love donation that would be greatly appreciated.

This is part of the launch of her new program that has been in the works for over a year. This event was successful in other locations and now it is time to bring it home to Phoenix.